Agile and User Experience

Agile and User Experience

PROJECT NAME: B2C Telco Auto Service APP ROLE: Facilitation, Product Design, Design Lead, UX/UI Design DATE: from 2019 ongoing

About the project

Claro flex is an 100% mobile app run by Ericsson's development team and our design team at the time.

The challenge.

Develop and design the user experience for Claro's mobile app. Integrate the agile squad and design and measure the experience for the final users. New features and re-design of old ones testing and iterating in the agile sprints.

Deep Dive.

Design thinking and user research for ongoing functionalities and design sprints and co-creation workshops for new ones.

The processes were followed in this order:

  • Design thinking
  • Design Sprint
  • User journey
  • Persona

Craft Design.

The creation process is based on user and trend research, prototyping, user testing, hand off processes and measuring all the design steps along the way.

The processes were followed in this order:

  • User interface
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • Product design
  • Product analytics


Ongoing app design and design discovery using design thinking.

Analytics funnel designed and implemented for measuring each step of the user buy, use and re-use journey with a total increase of more than 15% of the conversion rate on several steps of the journey and being a driver to business decisions.


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