AGRO and 5G
AGRO and 5G

AGRO and 5G

PROJECT NAME: 5G Application for Agro business ROLE: Facilitation, Behaviour Design, Design Thinking DATE: 05/03/2021

About the project

Help costumer understand the use and the need for a 5G implementation connected to the business needs

The challenge

How to solve business pain points with 5G or 4G. And share knowledge on the 5G technology and its benefits.

Ideation process

Together with sales team and engaging clients C-level using co-creation design tools to deep dive on pain points, prioritizing the most painful ones and creating a vison using the 3 horizons of innovation landing on a clear roadmap.

Creation process

The creation process was based on interviews with business owners on the client side, prioritizing these pain points and design together each use case and its eco systems.

The processes were followed in this order:

  • Interviews with business owners
  • Desk Research
  • Deep dive sessions on 5G - knowledge sharing
  • Prioritizing pain points
  • Cluster on 3 inovations horizons ( H1, H2, H3)
  • Mapping the ecosystem of each use case
  • Roadmapping
  • Impact/Effort Matrix


-A clear roadmap prioritizing use case by technology and its classification on the 3 horizons innovation model and mapping the ecosystem to put each use case up.


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