Tracking and monitoring
Tracking and monitoring

Tracking and monitoring

PROJECT NAME: eTracker [Meu Pet Perto] ROLE: Facilitation, Design Lead, Service Designer, Visual & UI. DATE : 20/05/2019

About the project

eTracker [Meu Pet Perto] was created for owners who are passionate about their Pets and wants to know where they are, if they are well and even if they are practicing the activities recommended by their vets. It is a device integrated with an IoT platform that transmits in real time to the application the location of your Pet and manages the registered virtual fences. It is possible to track more than one Pet at the same time, check walking history and receive safety notifications.

The challenge

Over 10 million domestic animals disappear every year in Brazil. Given this and other scenarios, we worked together with the client to create a solution for tracking Pets called eTracker. eTracker is ready to expand to different use cases such as tracking the elderly, children, and even objects in the future.

Deep Dive.

The ideation process was entirely based on the Design Thinking approach. After mapping the market with benchmark, a Business Model Canvas was designed. After mapping the scenarios I ran a Lean Inception workshop with the development team, stakeholders and even the customer this way we could map possible features and the result was an clear roadmap and a MVP defined for development. Workshops are powerful tool for sharing ideas purposes with different perspectives and backgrounds.

After defining features, user journey and developing stories for the MVP, started the development in agile involving all project members to establish the beginning, middle and end of MVP1 deliveries.

With all in the same page, we started the development on three defined services; Application Design, Back-end with development, preparation of all environments and database, and Front-end for the application development.

The processes were followed in this order:

  • Netnograph Research
  • Focus Group
  • User interviews
  • Scamper
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Inception
  • MVP Canvas

Craft Design.

The creation process for an app is extensive and complex with the need to apply several techniques and design concepts to build a homogeneous visual concept to build a homogeneous visual concept that address the necessary messages to the user.

The processes were followed in this order:

  • Information architecture
  • MoodBoard
  • Visual identity
  • Style guide
  • Viewport studies
  • Prototyping
  • Micro interactions
  • Validation
  • User testing


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